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I have my Gmail account setup in Mail 6.2 (Mountain Lion). From that account I can send mail with one of five different addresses (4 other accounts forwarding onto Gmail). Is there a way I can set up a different default signature for each address, rather than a single default signature for all addresses?

I have 5 addresses and 5 signatures, I just can't link them together.

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1) Open Settings (Cmd + ,), click signatures. You will see a list of email accounts on the right.


2) Click the one you want to set a default signature to. Click the + button below the signatures.

+ and - buttons below signatures

3) Add you signature.

If you have more than one signature, select your preferred default on from the drop down menu below the signatures.

Default signature

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Thanks @bassplayer7, however this sets the default signature for the entire Gmail account. As I mentioned I have multiple addresses within that account, and would like a different default signature for each address. – Duncan Macleod Dec 4 '12 at 17:19
I am sorry - I obviously hadn't understood your question. I've never had a setup similar to yours, but am guessing that there would be no way to do that. The signature making, and assigning, process that I described seems about as much customization as is available in the current UI. – bassplayer7 Dec 4 '12 at 20:49

You might wanna try SignatureProfiler (shareware). It can assign different signatures and From names for each e-mail address on the same account. Setup is somehow cumbersome (after a conversation with the dev, he acknowledged the plugin needs a redesign) but it works great, pretty much like standard e-mail identities. It also offers other features such as Random Quotes or iTunes/Skype Statuses on e-mail signatures.

Mail alone can't do what you (we) want. Even the option to insert signatures sequentially, when using multiple addresses separated by commas, in the Accounts pane, is as useful as the option to insert signatures randomly.

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