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Is there a permanent way to keep youtube playing when I tap the home button or close the lid of my iPad? I know that if I double click on the home button, slide to the bottom list of apps to the right and press play, it keeps youtube playing. But I do not want to mess with it everytime. So, do you know a way to keep youtube playing without doing this everytime?

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You could use a different app for playing Youtube videos, which don't stop playing when you press the home button. YStream/Ystream2 is an example of such an application (amongst others).

As far as I know there is no way to prevent the built in Youtube app from stopping playback when the app is "minimized". These are the ways I know of for resuming playback:

  • Double tap the Home button, slide the bottom row, and press play. (As you mentioned)
  • Lock the screen, Double tap Home button, Press Play. (I usually find this slightly faster)
  • Use a Bluetooth keybord with a "Play" button.
  • Activating VoiceOver and double tapping the screen with two fingers.
  • Using the Play button on your headphones.
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