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I've always had an Ethernet cable to connect to, until now. There is a wireless Internet signal at my location but I think this computer may not have the hardware to connect? I don't see the antenna icon that would normally appear in the bar at the top on Wifi equipped machines.

What do I need to purchase for this computer so it can connect to a wifi?

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You could go for a USB Wireless Adapter Amazon search, Google search

You could also go for a PCI wireless card.

You could also go for the Airport Extreme card. I believe the model you need is MB988ZM/A

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To see if your Mac Pro4 has a wifi device installed, go to System Preferences > Network and see if Wi-Fi appears in the list of connection types:

Connection types list

If you do have a wifi device installed, you can turn on its menu bar icon by clicking this checkbox:

enter image description here

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