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You would think it would make some kind of difference...

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It will be interesting if anyone has actually done a measurement to show that this controller is faster or slower than SO-DIMM. I would expect the opposite - no measurable difference with only the CPU/memory controller/cache and RAM speed itself making any difference. – bmike Dec 3 '12 at 17:23

Not really. Access times might be faster by a handful of picoseconds, since the electrical impulses would travel a slightly shorter distance by taking away the circuitry in the socket. However that distance is dwarfed by the variance in placement of the RAM on the logic board — sometimes it's closer to the CPU, sometimes farther away.

The predominant factors for speed of RAM are the clock speed and bit width, not the physical layout.

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Faster, probably not. Otherwise the difference is twofold, IMO.

  • With no physical RAM slots, they can more closely integrate the components to save on space and make a thinner machine.
  • From a commercial perspective, you have to pay up-front for more RAM, as you cannot add more later on (you have to buy a new computer).
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