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I just installed iTunes 11 on Windows 8. As far as I remember, I've always kept my music files on a data partition, E: drive on Windows. First iTunes run, I set the library folder in the settings to E:\, enable the Keep the media folder organized option and the Copy files in the iTunes media folder option and stuff, everything seems to work fine. But when I tried to import some music I found out the files were being copied to E:\Artist Name, not to E:\Music\Artist Name, as it has always been. "Fine, let's set E:\Music", so I set E:\Music as the media folder and try again, but this time the files are being copied to E:\Music\Music\Artist Name. Yes, double music in here. I need iTunes to put music files in E:\Music, so that if I need to consolidate or I import something it doesn't make a mess. How do I do this?

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