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I added a new album to my iTunes (version 11). It has been copied to my Media folder and it plays fine. But it's not listed in my Albums, Artists and Songs sections. I would like to see the artwork in my Albums or list of songs.

I'm able to find the album by searching. What to do? Any ideas?

I believe that adding it again might help, but how do I remove it from my library when it is not present anywhere except search results?

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2 Answers

  1. Try pressing command+ L while the song is playing, this will take you to the song/album in your library.
  2. Then right click and choose "Get Info" to verify the metadata for the song & album.

It may not be displaying as expected if the metadata for the song doesn't match the filenames.

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You can try to search in the playlist "Recently Added" for the items you have added. If they appear in there, right click the items and click on the "Options" tab and set "Media Type" to "Music".

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