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I downloaded some apps on my friends iPad using my own apple ID. I signed off but everything I downloaded went to my own IPad too. Now messages are popping up saying that I shouldn't delete certain things because they are on my " other device." How do I fix it so where apple doesn't think I have two devices? Also, I sure my act of deleting the apps I downloaded for her affected her own IPad.

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Could you upload a picture of the error message or perhaps a better description of what exactly it says and how you make it appear? – bmike Dec 1 '12 at 2:25

In iTunes sign in to your Apple ID.

Then go to the iTunes store (top right), then click your account (top left). Once your account details load, there will be a section in the middle about iTunes in the Cloud.

You want Manage Devices on the right (but still in the middle) - click on it.

From there you can review all devices and remove the ones you no longer care to have associated with your Apple ID.

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