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I have a MBP 2011 Version. I used to have Windows 7 installed on the 500gig native drive via Bootcamp and everything was fine. I recently bought a Samsung 830 256gig SSD (latest firmware).

  1. I used SuperDuper to Clone the 500gig drive to the Samsung 830 via USB dock.
  2. Installed Samsung 830 inside the MPB.
  3. Mac boots fine.
  4. Started Bootcamp, downloaded latest bootcamp, put windows 7 install cd in MBP, start install of windows 7, every runs fine up to this point.


  1. During Windows 7 install, i reach the page where you select the drives / partions however its empty and Windows now ask for missing drivers. Its not saying "which" missing drive...

  2. I point it to where bootcamp drives are downloaded and click rescan. Nothing found...

Any ideas what I am missing here?

Thanks so much in advance,


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