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I am grand-fathered in the AT&T unlimited data. I sometimes like to stream Netflix, Hulu, etc while on lunch break. Is there a way to airplay it over to my iPad mini, or do some type of internet sharing without paying the ridiculous data rates for sharing and AT&T?

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There have been hacks in the past to enable tethering, but in almost all cases, the carrier can tell what you are doing. I have even heard that people that tethered were individually contacted by AT&T to let them know that the tethering fee would be added if they wished to continue tethering and asked the customers to come in to chat if there were perhaps a misunderstanding.

You'll want to look for an unofficial AirPlay receiver app on the jailbreak side of things since Apple isn't even allowing these for solid commercial sound apps - let alone video apps.

Long term - let's hope enough people push for network neutrality in the US cellular space so that there is one tariff for data based on volume - not how you intend to use that data.

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Bottom line. Cell phone companies SUCK. SUUUCK. Why can't Google, Microsoft, FaceBook, and about 10 giant companies through in a few $B each and create their own unlimited, super highspeed, free wireless service? Seriously. What would $10B be to Google and MS? They are services companies anyway. lol – cbmeeks Nov 30 '12 at 21:22

Yes. Buy an ipad mini from verizon.

Then go to

and he'll tell you how to do it. :D

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You should provide the basic steps in your answer instead of only linking to external content. – Jawa Aug 9 '13 at 0:58

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