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In my office we have a RAID array that is an external drive connected to a Server, running OS 10.4.11 Server, and several Sharepoints are defined on this drive. I mount these volumes on my desktop, which is an iMac running OS 10.5.8. So that I can manage the contents of folders regardless of who created (owns) them, I have established ACL's to grant my user login R/W access.

All had been going smoothly until a couple of weeks ago. What happened? Not sure, but we did have a brief power outage (the Server is on battery backup, but my iMac is not), and around the same time I performed some grooming operations with Retrospect 8 (our backup software). Aside from these, all other operations have been normal.

What I am seeing now is that a number of folders are not granting me the permissions I should have, particularly ones that were created by me and show me as Owner. If I create a file in TextEdit and attempt to save it there, I will be prohibited with an alert that I don't have permission to do so. But if I save that same file locally, then I can drag it across in Finder and copy or move it to that location.

I can check on permissions via Terminal and the affected folders report as: drwxr-xr-x@ 17 michael staff ... etc.

I already figured out how to fix some other folders that lacked the 'x' for Group and Others (they did have it for Owner, i.e. me, but still were inaccessible to me until I fixed this), but I cannot see anything that needs fixing in the above example.

Any ideas what is going on? I'm befuddled.

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