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Does a Wireshark implementation exist for iPhone 4? I recently felt a need to have some tools with me at all times.

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If you have a jail broken iPhone you can ssh into it and install tcpdump. Tcpdump is a command line program that wireshark is indirectly built off of.

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There's no WireShark app for iPhone no but there are a few Network Diagnostics tools which may do what you need since you don't state exactly what you want to do. Take a look at Network Diagnostics Utility Pro which is $4.99 and might cover your requirements.

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pirni is an iOS packet capture tool that does ARP poisoning and can dump to PCAP for analysis in Wireshark on a desktop.

pirni-derv can do some basic analysis on iOS.

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Unfortunately, there is no official version of Wireshark on iPhone. However, there is one for Macs.

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