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What I have right now is an iMac running Mountain Lion with a Boot Camp partition running Windows 7. I have a vanilla Boot Camp setup with no quirky bells and whistles on the side.

What I want is to install rEFIt so I can triple boot Mountain Lion, Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I've done this several time before and am aware of the process I need to go through, including how to handle the presence of 5 partitions on a system that can only handle 4.

What I don't want to have to do is wipe out my Boot Camp partition in order to do this. It's possible, since I only have games which can be reinstalled, but I have a lot of them and that would be a huge pain, so I'd like to avoid that route if possible.

Question: Is it possible to set up a rEFIt-based triple boot system while preserving a pre-existing Boot Camp partition?

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I've just decided to go ahead with it and see what happens and rEFIt successfully picks up the Windows 7 partition as desired.

Following the Lifehacker guide to triple booting, there's a section that says

If you've already installed Windows using Boot Camp, though, that's fine—just ignore the Windows parts of this step

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