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I have switched Cmd and Ctrl in System preferences.
I have the following key bindings defined:

"@\UF702"  = "moveWordBackward:";                            /* Cmd  + LeftArrow */
"@\UF703"  = "moveWordForward:";                             /* Cmd  + RightArrow */
"$@\UF702" = "moveWordBackwardAndModifySelection:";   /* Shift + Cmd  + Leftarrow */
"$@\UF703" = "moveWordForwardAndModifySelection:";   /* Shift + Cmd  + Rightarrow */

But they are not being used, instead of selecting the next word it selects until the next end of line.

PS I used the instructions here http://benogle.com/2010/01/18/windowslinux-developers-remap-your-mac.html

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Found the answer here http://heisencoder.net/2008/04/fixing-up-mac-key-bindings-for-windows.html

it seems Cocoa doesn't like the $ to be infront of the @
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