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I'm looking for a way to protect my data files on my macbook air 2012

I'm a sales rep with sensitive client data. Always moving with my laptop in sleep mode.

So far I have my password set up, firewall enabled with all incoming connections blocked.

What else can I do to ensure data safety if someone gets an access to my mba SSD?

FileVault 2 is not secure (cracked in 40 minutes by security professions) TrueCrypt looks promising but I'm concerned about battery life.

Any advice?

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I found an article at TUAW which talks about the Passware Kit Forensic 11.4 software designed to 'crack' Filevault 2. However, this software can be foiled by two simple configuration points: 1/ turn off automatic login & 2/ shutdown the Mac instead of sleeping when you travel. In addition, the software requires physical access through a firewire or thunderbolt port so your computer cannot be touched through remote access.

The Privacycast site has this detailed article for your edification.

Seeing that you have a MacBook Air, with its astoundingly brief startup time, I'm not sure why you keep it in sleep mode whilst traveling. I never put my MBA to sleep unless I'm at home. If somebody steals my MBA while I'm home, I have a substantially larger problem on my hands.

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Sleep is overrated, lol. I think I will follow your advice on shutdown instead of sleep – joeD Dec 2 '12 at 17:59

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