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I know that some old Netscape products included a Java runtime environment (JRE).

(I'm not sure where to download the most recent app with that integration, I'll continue to look. http://www.oldversion.com/Netscape.html excludes Mac so maybe http://sillydog.org/narchive/ …)

Netscape aside: does any other browser – one that will run on Mountain Lion – include a browser-specific JRE that will run on Mountain Lion?

Whilst it's desirable to have a JRE that is current and supported, for this question I'm less interested in the version of the JRE.

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No Mac browser has ever had a JRE included. All JREs for OSX come from Apple or now Oracle as a separate download (partially as p art of the OS) and having uses Netscape on Windows and Linux from when t was Mosaic I can't remember it including a JRE –  Mark Nov 28 '12 at 14:17
@Mark at least one browser for Mac provided an implementation of Java. The question is whether any such combination will run (both the browser and its Java) on Mountain Lion. –  Graham Perrin Nov 30 '12 at 8:24

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