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The one liner here is, my iPhoto albums do not show up on my Apple TV. This only just stopped working.

My iPhoto started up the other day, missing all of the albums. All the photos were still there, just the album definitions were missing. Kind of a big deal with 40,000 pictures and 100+ albums.

After a quick search, I learned of the "rebuild the database" when opening iPhoto. I did that, and all the albums returned. Success!!

However, now, the 2nd gen Apple TV is missing the albums.

I know the ATV gets its data via iTunes. So, I go to Advanced->Choose Photos to Share. The All Albums radio button is checked. However, when clicking the Selected Albums radio button (just to try something here) the iPhoto albums are missing here.

Clearly this is the problem. iTunes is not aware of the rebuilt iPhoto database, and it's photo album definitions.

How do I get iTunes to re-recognize the rebuilt iPhoto database.

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