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I have no idea why. But apple have not earthed the stubbly plug for the macbook pro transformer. So on the short lead the only way the charger is earthed is when I touch it or the macs unibody which gives you a sort of vibrating feeling on your palms.

When I went to the genius bar to complain about it they said that it was completely 'normal'. Where their definition of normal is that every MacBook does it. I have had 4 MacBooks and all have done it.

The genius did say that he though he has seen a few earthed 3pin plugs. So my question is where can I pick one up? or how could we force apple to earth the stubby plugs and recall them? /nochance

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That's also the case for Swiss and probably Australian chargers ((superuser.com/questions/507356/…). –  jaume Nov 24 '12 at 19:01

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In countries where e plugs are not earthed (or grounded as we say across the pond) you can buy and use a US cable that carries a ground and get your electrician to fit sockets or equivalent grounding gear.

I have also seen people ground their work surface like you do in a static safe work environment. If the Mac can ground itself through the table, you won't feel the leakage voltage / current since you are no longer the best path to ground.

This tingly feeling bugs me to no end, but Apple does make adapted and cables to have a ground so you might need to use them over the standard UK kit. I'm "lightly shocked" the genius there didn't suggest more options for you.

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Well on my home desk I use the earthed long cable so its fine, but for uni I take the shorter one as its more convient. –  Andrew Nov 24 '12 at 20:47

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