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First off, I have disabled iCloud as default location for Save As dialogs in TextEdit.app:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSDocumentSaveNewDocumentsToCloud -bool false

… But still, I have one critical beef in TextEdit:

Save As… dialogs don't remember the last location where I saved a file! To the best of my knowledge, this used to be the case prior to (Mountain) Lion.

How can I restore this behavior?

Example use case:

  1. Open TextEdit.
  2. Type something.
  3. Hit ⌘W.
  4. Save As dialog appears; choose ~/Desktop.
  5. Quit and reopen TextEdit.
  6. Repeating steps 1–3 … it doesn't default to ~/Desktop! (It's always ~/Documents.)
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I couldn't reproduce it. I also tried disabling NSNavPanelExpandedStateForSaveMode and enabling iCloud document storage. –  ؘؘؘؘ Nov 23 '12 at 9:07

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There is software that can track this folder and augment the standard behavior that you are seeing.

I find Default Folder to be the best of class, and you can try it for free and then decide if it's worth paying once you've had a chance to kick the tires a bit.


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