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Does anybody know if any VM software can boot Windows from the other partitions on the internal HDD?

Here is what mine looks like:

  • HDD
    • OS X partition
    • Windows Boot Camp partition

Objective: Running OS X, but booting into windows through a VM environment from the HD installation.

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Both VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop support running VMs directly from Bootcamp partitions. They also offer migration from a partition to a VM image if you ever want to go that route.

It appears that it's also possible with Virtualbox, but not a supported feature. I found this blog post detailing how to configure it (the post also lists several other sources that may be helpful).

Relevant support articles:

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+1 But, I would never recommend VirtualBox for something like this. It's more trouble than its worth for just regular use, let alone this. – bought777 Nov 22 '12 at 1:21

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