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So I've purchased a new 15" MBP and I've had issues with fan speeds, graphics switching, and the temperatures.

No matter what I do, just by having internet browsing using Chrome, my idle temperature stays around 50-57 C. I've checked activity monitor, both CPU and Memory usage is nothing out of the ordinary. Additionally, it always shows my active video card as the discrete card, even though the switching is checked - It should show the Intel Integrated Graphics in "About This Mac" when on that, correct? If so, I've never seen it say Integrated.

I haven't done any loads, but simply downloading software at 2Mbps makes the temperature spike up to 70-80C. Unusual still is that this does not force the fans to increase speed unless I do it manually through smcFanControl - even at 80C they'll remain at ~2100rpm.

I've reset the SMC, I've been told that's usually the issue, but to no avail. Are these settings normal? Or should I have someone look at it - I'm afraid to even run stress tests because these temps seem so hot for just normal usage.

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FYI even 80°C is not a particularly dangerous operating temperature. Intel processors are designed to shut down when they hit 100-105°C. – ghoppe Nov 21 '12 at 23:11
Re: Google Chrome. According to this tech note since it is OpenGL based it will always use the discrete graphics card. – ghoppe Nov 21 '12 at 23:17

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