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I've been using my Logitech Anywhere MX with my Mac succesfully for a couple of months, but suddenly last week the functionality of the back/forward buttons changed from navigating to previous/next page in history to switching to next/previous tab in Chrome. How can I restore the previous functionality?

I've already checked the Logitech Control Center, and there the buttons are still defined as back and forward.

Note: If I remember correctly, the buttons have never worked in Finder.

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Sounds like a bug. I would change the settings to something different and then back. You could also try uninstalling/reinstalling the Logitech software. – bassplayer7 Nov 20 '12 at 15:42
Tried this, but it didn't help. Also, the current Logitech installer has no separate uninstaller anymore, so it's uncertain how completely I managed to remove the software. Found a temporary fix by binding the buttons to keystrokes, option+[ and option+] work in most apps I've tried. – onik Nov 20 '12 at 16:26
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As I mentioned in the comments, I found no other solution except changing the buttons to send the corresponding keystrokes. Fortunately, this works fine in almost every app I frequently use, including Finder.

The keystrokes I used were command+option+8 for back and command+option+9 for forward. Note that this is on a Finnish keyboard layout.

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