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  • I WILL keep the 3G always switched ON.

  • Also continuous syncing of some services like Gmail, Twitter, Contacts/Calendar/Task apps, WhatsApp, FlipBoard/GoogleCurrents, SimpleNote, Instagram, IM, RescueTime, some SMS sync app, etc.

  • I am not a heavy music listener: at max 1-2 hours a day but most probably on Bluetooth so let's add 1-2 hrs BT. Music listening shall not be over Internet but local.

  • I will take hardly a few pics a day - 5-10 maybe. Most of the days less/none.

  • No video recording.

  • Video watching on YouTube (or Video etc) will be maximum 20-30 mins.

  • No game play.

  • I will use it over GSM. 30-60 mins talk per day (approx). Almost never a video call.

I am currently on Galaxy Nexus which is an awesome phone (esp. without Samsung s/w crap) except for it's sucker of a battery. It doesn't even see me through 12 hours or full office (9-10) hours. So, I am planning to switch to iPhone and also because I want to get into iOS dev.

What about heating and crashes etc?

That's pretty much it. So, how much do you think a full charge should last. I do not plan to carry around a spare battery or even a charger. Well, I might have a charger but let's say I do not.

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It's pretty hard to answer your question with a solid answer as someone would have to replicate all your usage in order to get facts. Even then, cell coverage varies from place to place, which can have quite an impact on battery life.

Disclaimer: I have an iPhone 4S. The 5 should do somewhat better then mine. I am around two iPhone 5's a lot, however.

One thing is sure. I always leave my data on unless there is some extenuating circumstance. On a typical day with light usage, I end the day with a comfortable ~50%+ battery left.

Bluetooth is very efficient on the newer iPhones, and listening to music doesn't burn much battery at all. It handles all the continuous syncing very well, as well as phone time. Even Facetime doesn't burn as much battery as one might expect. You will notice the battery over time while streaming videos, but likely not more then a few percent by the time you finish. Pictures are no big deal.

Everything will add up, but I would estimate you will end the day with about 40% or more battery (I asked my buddy which said he usually ends the day with 60%-80%). This will give you plenty of room for traveling, and days of heavier usage.

All things considered, I think you will be very pleased with the iPhones battery performance. If you don't happen to like it, they typically have a good return policy. You could (and should) try it for a couple weeks - double check your retailer's policy - and if the batter just doesn't work, try something else.

My experience with iPhones is that they almost never have trouble with crashing. It is very rare that the OS would crash, and slightly more frequently that the app would crash (likely due in large measure to a bug in the app). It wouldn't surprise me to go several weeks without an app crashing.

The phone can heat up. Fire up turn-by-turn GPS, plug it in, and make a phone call - you'll feel some warmth. That isn't an issue for me. I have never had the phone heat up so much that it shuts off on me when in use.

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