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I live in a country that blocks most types Internet access and protocols so I need to utilize Tor from the command line. I haven't come across much useful information in this regard, so any information would be helpful.

I've already downloaded the Tor/Vidalia bundle, although it appears to only work through the provided web-browser that it utilizes. That is great for searching the web, etc. but I need to ssh and use curl, etc., too.

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Running Tor provides a standard proxy you can connect to at localhost:9050 with anything that supports the SOCKS protocol. Just search online for something like "SSH over Tor", or if that fails, "SSH through SOCKS proxy".

Two examples:

  • SSH:

    ssh -o ProxyCommand="nc -X 4 -x localhost:9050 %h %p"

  • curl:

    curl --socks4a localhost:9050

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hi, would you have an example of using a perl script as well? i need to use it like: perl -scriptargs -moreargs -args – Mustafa A. Nov 18 '12 at 18:26
It depends on the script. It would have to be written to work with a SOCKS proxy. – gabedwrds Nov 18 '12 at 19:58

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