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The computer got hosed & we lost the .pvm file, then the TM Backup drive was involved in a car crash! The original problem with the TM drive was "stiction", they put the drive into a clean room to fix that, and as they were reading the data from the drive one of the heads failed. Needless to say, the data recovery took 2 weeks, but I think we finally have all the data (in the form of raw files) from the TM Backup drive now.

Here's the problem: I know the .pvm file is a package with multiple files inside, but I've looked thru the recovered data & can't find a .pvm file. I see multiple .hds files, but no .pvm file.

I am using Parallels 7 & trying to re-create the .pvm file on an external drive but am not having much luck. Changed the name of the file to **.hdd, attached with Parallels, but the VM complains that the Hard Drive is not there. Possibly I am not understanding the basic contents needed for a viable .pvm package?

Is what I'm trying to do even possible? Any suggestions appreciated Howard Blumenthal

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