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The computer got hosed & we lost the .pvm file, then the Time Machine Backup drive was involved in a car crash! I know the .pvm file is a package with multiple files inside, but I've looked thru the recovered data & can't find a .pvm file.

I see multiple .hds files, but no .pvm file.

I am using Parallels 7 & trying to re-create the .pvm file on an external drive but am not having much luck. Changed the name of the file to **.hdd, attached with Parallels, but the VM complains that the Hard Drive is not there. Possibly I am not understanding the basic contents needed for a viable .pvm package?

Is what I'm trying to do even possible?

The original problem with the Time Machine drive was "stiction", they put the drive into a clean room to fix that, and as they were reading the data from the drive one of the heads failed. Needless to say, the data recovery took 2 weeks, but I think we finally have all the data (in the form of raw files) from the Time Machine Backup drive now.

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It's possible that just the partition table got trashed somehow, use TestDisk to re-write the partition table:

TestDisk is powerful free data recovery software! It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software: certain types of viruses or human error (such as accidentally deleting a Partition Table). Partition table recovery using TestDisk is really easy.

Attach the virtual drive to another VM and use TestDisk from there.

This Parallel's support article describes the process, Unmountable boot volume BSOD when you start Windows virtual machine.

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