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My magic mouse suddenly stopped tracking on the mousepad I have been using for a month now. Everything about the mouse works (gestures, clicking, etc) except tracking. Strangely enough, the mouse tracks perfectly on my MacBook Pro's surface. I have checked the battery contacts, optics, and have replaced the batteries, to no avail. This issue only appeared after I updated to 10.8.2. The mouse only has issues tracking with non-reflective surfaces, everything else works as smoothly as before. Any help is much appreciated!

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I have been having the same problem and it is infuriating. I have just bought this iMac 27" and I cannot believe that I chose the magic mouse instead of the trackpad. This problem just started out of the blue and I have done all the usual troubleshooting techniques. –  user35095 Nov 21 '12 at 5:27

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