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If my laptop is sitting with the screen open, live, and plugged in, and I unplug it and keep working, a moment later it will go to sleep. Even as I am typing at it.

The only solution is to close the cover, count to five, and reopen.

Is there a real solution?

I asked pmget for some log and got the following:

I've got 10.8.2 on here.

11/16/12 6:57:50 AM EST  Sleep                  Maintenance Sleep Sleep: Using BATT (Charge:100%)                           1809 secs 
11/16/12 7:28:26 AM EST  Sleep                  Maintenance Sleep Sleep: Using AC (Charge:100%)                             9 secs    
11/16/12 12:44:31 PM EST Sleep                  Clamshell Sleep Sleep: Using BATT (Charge:100%)                             7 secs  
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It might be worth running a command like pmset -g log | grep -E '^.{24} Sleep ' in Terminal to hopefully see what the sleep cause was. – gabedwrds Nov 16 '12 at 13:04

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