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I've noticed an interesting thing with Time Machine and how it compares the current version of a folder with the Latest Backup version. I have a folder with a single text file. For some reason, when I change the text file, then go to Time Machine in the folder and go backwards in time, it will skip over the Latest Backup snapshot as if it's the same as the current version, when clearly it's not because I just changed a file in the folder.

Is this expected behavior (as in, does this happen to you guys as well) or is something wrong here? It doesn't seem right that Time Machine would think that the current version (which I changed after the last backup was mde) is the same as the previous version of the file in an older snapshot.

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I'm not sure I understand totally, but when you run tmutil compare does that file get listed as needing a backup on the next run? The UI for Time Machine where the stars are moving only lets you see a file at a specific moment and not so much the differences between any two snapshots. – bmike Nov 16 '12 at 14:30
Yes, "tmutil compare" shows the file as having been changed and therefore in need of a new backup. – Gary Dec 24 '12 at 21:14

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