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Is there a free audio tool where I can just grab a snippet from a mp3 file and save it as a new mp3?

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Open it in QuickTime Player, click Edit → Trim… (⌘T), drag the yellow handles to truncate it to the snippet you want, and export the result.

QuickTime trimming

Note that it will export in AAC (.m4a) format, so if you need MP3, you'll need to convert it afterwards.

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"Audacity" is also a good tool for audio editing. It has an "Export Selection..." menu item that supports MP3, including tag editing.

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You could also use GarageBand, included with the iLife suite with Mac computers.

  1. In Garageband go the beginning of the sample you want and press ⌘T.
  2. Select the first cut section, and press delete.
  3. Do the same at the end of the sample you want.
  4. Select menu item Share > Send Song to iTunes…, in the following popup make sure your Compress Using: setting is set to MP3 Encoder. Hit the Share button.
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Macsome audio editor is freeware and will allow you select a portion of your audio file, then use "Save Selection..." to export as mp3 or aac.

enter image description here

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