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I replaced my optical disk with an SSD for startup and Mountain Lion and upgraded my HDD to a larger one.

I also moved my home folder to the new disk. But one thing is still bugging me.

My mid-2010 MBP automatically mounts the new drive as /Volumes/hdd. Do I need /Volumes in there? Do I have to do a symlink?

Maybe this is weird, but I'd like the new drive to behave like the startup drive but not actually be the start up drive.

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So your home folder is now inside /Volumes/hdd, but you would like it located as usual in /Users/<your username>, is that right? Do you have any other data on your new HDD? Can you please open Terminal (Applications>Utilities), type df and add it to your question? – jaume Nov 19 '12 at 15:13

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