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I have multiple local domains (i.e. localtest.local) that my iPad cannot see. My machine name, alpha.local, has Apache directives to a "site" I have on the box. All are in /Library/WebServer/Documents/, and I have other directives to many local domains.

I have an Airport Extreme router, which I think the iPad should get some answers from, but it doesn't have anything where I can shove this reference to.

Kind of stuck. Any ideas how I can get my iPad to see localtest.local?

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Truth is you should have a local DNS Server that you share out using DHCP to all your clients. This way you can manage local DNS records on your local network. I will confess there might be a better way, but this is what came to mind off the top of my head

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Hi there. I do have a local DNS. I use internal static IP's using my DNS on a server internally. I've entered the secondary zone for this "domain" localtest.local, and pointed it to my workstation. Still no luck. – BeeRich Nov 17 '12 at 23:41

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