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At the end of the day, I would like my MacBook Pro to back-up to both Time Machine and Backblaze (or verify that it has done so) and then shut down. Could someone write please write a script that would implement this? Thank you.

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What have you tried by yourself to accomplish these tasks? If you have tried but failed, where did it go wrong? One cannot simply ask to have somebody write a script for you in this forum. Most of us are willing to help provided you have first attempted a solution yourself. – IconDaemon Nov 13 '12 at 14:30

I don't know about Backblaze, but one option would be to edit the crontab with EDITOR=nano crontab -e and add a line like this:

0 18 * * * tmutil startbackup -b && osascript -e 'tell app "System Events" to shut down'

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