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I made this iTunes account on my iPod Touch 1st Gen. and that was like 3 years ago! So when I was buying an app (On my iPad. Because I didn't like the account name my Dad made so I just used my Old one) that costs 7.99 it was asking for an answer to a security question. Which I don't remember because that was a long time ago. I tried resetting my Security question on So It was telling me my Old apple id needed to be changed because it was a long time ago. So I did. To my Email adress. Then I went to Security and it says "I forgot Answer to Security question Send answers to: *" I clicked that but I didn't know what email they were sending that to! UGH. It's so confusing! And when I tried to buy something on my iPad that costs .99 it says wrong Username. Can I just transfer money from my Account that I have trouble with to another account? I have 15 bucks on this account.

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Can you login to your old account (with the 15 dollars on it) now? – patrix Nov 13 '12 at 4:25

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