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I am having issues after I installed another drive in the optical bay. When I wake the computer from sleep, it randomly freezes within 0-5 minutes. I cannot do anything, the mouse won't move, trackpad is disabled, the screen is totally frozen. The only solution to proceed is to force a reboot. No issues after a fresh startup, the problem only appears when I put the Mac to sleep (closing the lid or sleep command under apple logo).

I have tried many things that were suggested here and elsewhere by people with similar issues but unfortunately to no succes: 1. resetting SMC 2. resetting NVRAM 3. point out the start up disc in system preferences 4. repair permissions 5. system settings/accounts/login to "force" mounting after start up. 6. exclude partitions from spotlight 7. Re-partitioned the new drive a couple of times in GUID, Apple-partitioning, with or without Mac-journalised, HFS+, 1 or 2 partitions, short name, long name etc... 8. Re-partitioned without putting any data on the drive. 9. Disabled Time Machine

I have tried to determine where the problem is coming from and all I could find is that when the second harddrive is still spinning when I close the lid the problem occurs.

I have tried a script to mount and unmount the drive manually which work but only if the drive is not spinning while putting it to sleep.

Everything works totally fine with the extra drive. It is fast and although a bit noisy very useful. If only this sleep issue could be solved I would be totally happy...I have spend hours to find a solution and it is starting to drive me nuts...If someone could point me in the right direction to get this fixed I would be very grateful...

Systeminfo: MBP 3.1 (2007) 4 GB RAM SL 10.6.8 System disc: original Apple drive 160 GB Optical bay drive: WD Black SATA II 7200 RPM 750 GB 16 MB

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