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I have a big file compressed in split .rar archives. There are 68 archives named .rar, .r01, .r02, etc., annd the problem is that .r36 is corrupted resulting in an Unexpected end of archive. I've looked around and I have found nothing.

There is no way to repair the file.

And now my question is if it's possible to skip the file. I mean, extract all files except the .r36. The result should be a big file with a small part of it corrupted, but it doesn't matter.

Is that possible - to skip a file from extraction? Because my main problem is that all the apps I've tried stop the task when they find the error.

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If your archive comes with recovery files(.rev) you can regenerate missing or broken parts.

I use command line version of rar for this. Just execute this command: rar e archive-name.r01. This will extract from all the parts and rebuild the broken ones.

Instead if you don't have rev files you can't do nothing. You can't just skip.

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That was my conclusion some time ago. I mark your answer as correct ;) – Manuel Apr 14 '13 at 8:37

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