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I'm using curlftpfs with macfuse to mount some ftp sites through automount. The mount directories for each share is in /Volumes folder. Now iTunes on each startup tries to read /Volumes/Curlftpfs_Share and hangs.

Is it a bad practice to mount network/slow shares under /Volumes, where should I mount it instead?

Why does iTunes check all mounted shares on startup — can I switch it off?

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I don't think it matters where you mount them as far as bad/good practise goes. I often see Linux setups with mounts mainly in /mnt. I guess iTunes takes the liberty of scanning it because it assumes it's a locally attached volume. Just create a directory somewhere that suits you and mount it there. Or, if this is hanging for when it's not connected, adjust the timeout in your automount configs. – CraftyThumber Nov 16 '12 at 19:27
I agree with CraftyThumber, I think it's perfectly OK (and even best practice on Macs) to mount network drives under /Volumes. Think that OS X also mounts them there. I don't have a silver bullet to solve the problem you describe... I've read that starting iTunes while holding down the Option/Alt key and explicitly selecting the path to your library may help. – jaume Nov 19 '12 at 20:32

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