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I encountered a strange problem today. I downloaded FileZilla and on first launch the title bar was above my mouse pointer's reach. Making the window unmovable.

Here is a screenshot of my situation.


Is there a way to fix this? I've tried reopening the application and rebooting.

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Try this: move the cursor on the side of the window, it will turn into an arrow for resizing then click and keep pressed for second. Now instead of dragging horizontally to resize drag down the window. You should be able to move every window this way. –  Rnhmjoj Dec 4 '14 at 23:33

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Hold on option (or alt) while clicking the Window menu. This should change Bring All to Front into Arrange in Front, which did the trick for me.

This worked for me on OSX 10.9.1

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I've searched all around, and this is the only trick that worked. I tried changing resolution, running a variety of apple scripts, and nothing else worked, but this. Thanks! –  Ernesto May 6 '14 at 2:09

Windows that support resizing from all edges can also be moved by for example dragging them horizontally from the bottom edge.

You could also try running something like this in AppleScript Editor:

tell application "System Events" to tell process "FileZilla"
    set position of windows to {100, 100}
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Whoa, I had no idea you can drag windows from the bottom like that. +1 –  Patience Aug 15 '14 at 16:04

In Terminal, run nano .config/filezilla/filezilla.xml. Find:

<Setting name="Window position and size">0 503 -347 937 469 </Setting>

…and change it to…

<Setting name="Window position and size">0 503 347 937 469 </Setting>

Source: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=19476591

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I use a second monitor with my laptop and run into this issue on occasion when connecting or disconnecting my monitor. It is endlessly frustrating. Just this morning it happened when reconnecting my laptop and ended up pissing away a half hour determined to find a solution. I am happy to report I did! For me this problem occurred in Word.

File > Save As

The "Save" window drops down from the title bar so it is brought into view on screen. Before hitting "save" (or "cancel") drag the title bar down to mid screen for added security.

I would assume work for any programs with a "Save" option, and for those that don't hopefully there will be something to glean from this

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Rnhmjoj's solution in his or her comment on the original question worked for me, IF I additionally hold down the option key. Holding down the option and command keys seemed to additionally resize X and Y at the same time.

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Try going to Window > Zoom in the menubar.

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Many applications store window positions in their preferences file(s). A file within ~/Library/Preferences/ is likely associated with this application. To identify the file, go to that directory in Terminal and use the command ls -lt. This lists files sorted by modification time, with recently-modified files at the top. You will likely recognize the associated preference file by name. You can edit the plist file in Xcode, and look for the NSWindow settings to selectively remove them, or simply trash the file. I recommend only modifying or deleting the file while the application is not running.

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Window > Zoom usually works, but not for all applications (TextWrangler, Eclipse, etc). I found an application called Divvy that allows resizing, using which brings the title bar back into the visible space.

Some googling shows that Slate might be a better option, but I haven't tried it yet

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While I realize that this is not a solution that's baked into the OS, a 3rd-party window manager may be able to reposition the window on the screen. In my case, I was able to move my Filezilla window using Optimal Layout.

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