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This questions lies firmly between Ask Different and Ask Ubuntu so I will take solutions from the Apple site here and cross-post for Ubuntu answers on the other site.


I've made a nice html presentation with reveal.js (a javascript framework for presentations) that works great locally. The presentation takes input from the keyboard (left, right, up, down arrows) that advance the slide accordingly. My 4G iPhone is discoverable via bluetooth and pairs up with Ubuntu 12.04.


I'd like to control the presentation with my phone, which involves sending a keyboard stroke e.g. left from my phone to my computer. Ideally this should be done without an active internet connection, i.e. exclusively through bluetooth, though a wifi-solution may work.

From the Apple side:

  1. Is it possible to have my phone "send" keystrokes?
  2. Can a bluetooth device listed as a "phone", be used a keyboard?
  3. Does the question change if a connection over wifi is possible (say some ssh tunnel)?


Corresponding Ask Ubuntu site question.

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