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I'm fast-user switched to the login screen. However, when I start to type my user name and password the keyboard input freezes before I am finished and I get the spinning beach ball and can't log in. Sometimes if I hit any of the volume buttons the keyboard unhangs and I am able to log in, but this time this isn't working any more.

This only seems to happen if I forget to properly disconnect a VNC client before switching to the login screen. I still have ssh but I am not sure what process to kill to resolve the problem. There aren't any processes running the look like a VNC server. I have looked for any process containing the substring "ARD", "VNC", "Lock", and "Remote" (case insensitive, e.g. ps aux | grep -i ...).

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I have run into this problem many times before. To get it to work, try disconnecting after entering your password, wait a few seconds, and then connect again.

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