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I attempted to use the fast user switching menu to switch to a different account on my mac (it's a new Macbook Pro with OS 10.8.2, but I migrated users and settings from my old mac). I misremembered the password and entered it incorrectly 4 or 5 times, after which it closed the password entry window.

Now the fast user switching menu no longer works -- I can still click it to show the list of users, and when I click a user the user blinks 3 times, but nothing comes up. The "login window" item behaves the same way (but the "users and group preferences" item works as expected).

I'm also not able to log out or put the computer to sleep in any of the normal ways:

  • Apple menu "sleep" or "log out" commands
  • cmd-shift-Q
  • pressing the power button
  • closing the lid

But I can open and use other applications as usual.

Question: Did I trip some kind of security restriction by entering the wrong password while trying to switch users?

I know I can probably just shut down from the terminal or do a hard reboot, but I'd like to know if this is expected behavior, or if this is a sign that my system is already acting unstable.

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