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I recently got my first iPhone, the 4s. Verizon transferred my contact list from my Blackberry, but the entries were incomplete (missing addresses, etc.)

I have a big list of contacts in MS Outlook, and wanted to sync to try to add the missing data to the 4s. I always synced calendar, contacts and notes between Outlook on my computer and my Blackberry (which always duplicated my Outlook info beautifully), and want to keep doing so with the new iPhone.

So, I did sync successfully using iTunes, and have synced a few times since, but am now realizing that I have a lot of duplicate contacts entries, and the dupes have limited info, usually just a phone number, and a little gray "share contact" box. Also, sometimes it seems like the original info was divided between the two duplicated entries.

How did that happen, and do I have to go through and delete all those "share contact" entries individually? Or is there a way to delete all the "share contact" entries at once? Why are some entries duplicated this way, and others not?

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