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I'm using MBP and external monitor, keyboard and mouse. I'd like to be able to zoom in the text in Safari. Safari keyboard shortcuts for zooming text areCommand +/-. I would like to use Ctrl+scrolling with the mouse. This works in Windows 7 for instance.

Currently, Ctrl+scrolling is zooming the entire screen, not text.

Can I zoom text in Safari using a mouse?

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  • To zoom inside safari you can use 2 fingers pinching in the trackpad.
  • 2 fingers tap will zoom so the text fits the safari window.
  • Also a single finger double tap in the mighty mouse does the same trick. (not double click)

If you want even more ways to do stuff with your mouse I know about this software called MagicPrefs that I used for quite some time and loved it. There is also a similar software called BetterTouchTool.

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To turn off zooming of the screen go to the Accessibility preference pane ad uncheck the following option under the Zoom section:

Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom:

This might release the functionality you wanted.

Unfortunately I cannot test this since I'm using a MBP without a mouse and so I can only use the trackpad pinch zoom (however, I would rarely do that over using the keyboard).

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I unchecked it now and it doesn't zoom in Mac-style, but it doesn't zoom-in the text in Safari either. – Anonymous Nov 7 '12 at 12:21

I found partial answer: I'm using BetterTouchTool and using Ctrl+Left/Right mouse button I can zoom in/out text - couldn't find a way to do it via scrolling instead of mouse's buttons.

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