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I'm putting together a presentation in Keynote '09. I've embedded a movie (created by exporting a keynote slide, so that I can continuously loop the animations). I'd like to skip the beginning and end of the movie, since there are undesirable acceleration/decelerations in the animation. I've gone into the Quicktime tab of the Inspector window, and set the start and stop points appropriately

           ^                   ^
    desired start       desired stop

When I hit 'Play' in the inspector, it works great. When I double-click the slide in edit mode, it works great. When I go into presentation mode, it doesn't work.

           ^                               ^
    loop 1 start                    loop 1 end

^                                          ^
loop 2 start                        loop 2 end

What's going on here? Is there a way to avoid this behavior?

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