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I seem to remember that right clicking on the title of a document in an application like TextEdit, Preview, or Pages would allow you to jump to the enclosing folder in Finder.

But this no longer works on my computer. I am afraid it is because I installed Path Finder. I uninstalled path finder Following their instructions. Does anyone no how to reset this functionality?

Odd note: Right click still works for some 3rd party apps like Text Wrangler

How can I fix all of Apple's apps to Open folders in finder again?

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I use command-click for that. – GEdgar Mar 11 '13 at 14:33

If I'm understanding your question correctly, I think this relates to a bug in 10.8.2. I don't know the full extent of the bug, but it seems to break the ability to reveal a file/document in Finder from other programs, including via the title bar.

I've seen a few bug reports around relating to the 'Show in Finder' not working, or only sometimes working, due to issues with the appleeventsd process. For more info see this TotalFinder Feedback issue, a blog entry from Macromates and an issue on Open Radar.

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All that right-clicking on a document title ever did--and what it does now, in Mountain Lion--is to reveal a navigable path of the document, which is very handy indeed. In addition, in Safari, amazingly enough, to right-click on a page title reveals the way up the site to the site root.

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+1, I didn't know that about Safari! – lhf Oct 31 '12 at 11:43

1) Open Activity Monitor and search for the appleeventsd process.

2) Quit appleeventsd process (since it belongs to _eppc, use Force Quit).

3) Wait until you see it reappear with a different PID.

Now right-clicking on the title of documents should again allow you to open any of the enclosing folders.

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This bug has been fixed in OS X in 10.8.2

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I'm still running into it in 10.8.2. It only happens intermittently, but see TotalFinder's support forum for a way to reproduce it. – user495470 Mar 12 '13 at 5:53

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