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I've just got a 15" retina macbook pro. And the color of the screen seems to vary in different places, particularly the bottom left corner has a yellow/green tint. Its not enough to quantify or easily point out, but enough to be annoying. Have others noticed issues with the display? like some people had yellow patches on the iphone 4s(?) If I take it too the Apple shop will they be able to do anything, as I'm not too sure they would be able to notice it (it's more obvious when using it for long periods of time).

Also the Apple site says you should be able to get 7 hours of battery life, but currently I'm on 100%, nothing running except Safari and everything off except Wifi (screen darkness at minimum) and the menu bar item says 5 hours until the battery runs out. Will it be 7 hours in reality? Or is this unusual?

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You should take it to Apple Shop. I believe they can help you out :) – Ngoc Pham Nov 19 '12 at 13:10
I took it to the Apple shop, and 2 employees just said "we cant see the problem so we cant do anything". So left the Apple shop annoyed and slightly humiliated (I could see, so they probably thought I was going crazy, even though I explained to them it becomes more noticeable the longer you use it, which they took as "it gets physically worse with time, so leave it for an hour and bring to the Apple shop"). But then I went back another day and in usual Apple fashion the guy helped me amazingly and replaced it then and there :) And I went out feeling great and all is right with the world. – Jonathan. Nov 19 '12 at 19:37
Congratulations, Jonathan :) Now is it working okay? The replacement was the screen alone or the whole new macbook? – Ngoc Pham Nov 20 '12 at 0:32

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