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Here's the sequence of events:

  1. I'm listing to a podcast via the relatively new podcast app.
  2. I pause the podcast.
  3. Time passes. The phone sleeps.
  4. I get a call which I do not pick up; I don't even touch the phone.
  5. The podcast resumes playing, surprising me and those around me.

This would be expected behavior except for item 2. I think it's a bug.

I'm running iOS 6.0, but this has been happening for a while; at least since 5.something. It's possible that it began happening when I started using the new podcast app instead of the music app for podcasts.

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it's a bug they introduced in iOS6. drives my crazy.

Hope they fix it soon. No easy way to tell Apple they have a bug, unless you sign up to their developers program

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To file bugs you only need the free developer account. – patrix Oct 28 '12 at 18:14

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