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I want to install my own Net-SNMP because the preinstalled Net-SNMP is too old. But when I install a newer Net-SNMP via Homebrew, my path doesn't use the latest Net-SNMP.

I would think the best option is to just remove the preinstalled Net-SNMP. How do i uninstall the preinstalled Net-SNMP?

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No. The best option is to keep the old one, and find out what Homebrew set the --prefix to:

By default, make install' will install the package's files in /usr/local/bin', /usr/local/man', etc. You can specify an installation prefix other than/usr/local' by giving configure' the option--prefix=PATH'.

That's the default for Net-SNMP There's a Perl Module involved as well, you may need to set INSTALL5LIB to point to your new installation.

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