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I work with a social media company and recently experienced something very vexing at a live event.

We have visitors sign in temporarily on iPad kiosks for registration purposes to their Facebook account (via Safari).

Unfortunately, I am not within proximity/access of our iPads at present and won't be until the next live event. I am hoping to not have to sneak out and buy/borrow an iPad just to get to the bottom of this.

Basically when we use the company's iPads (which were set up a few months back prior to me joining the company), Facebook login works just fine. User inputs username/password, hits login, they are immediately prompted to authorize our application. However, when we use the third party's iPads, almost every single time, Facebook initiates an unregistered device issue and forces the captcha + Photo Verification/ID process in order to complete the login process.

I did a variety of tests that ensured this was in no way related to a) our ISP/IP; b) our Facebook app c) incorrect credentials being entered; d) individual account security settings. The gist of those tests centered around using the same account on one of my company's iPads, then one of the third party's iPads. I've narrowed it down to being a local device setting, I think. However, I did not have time to go through the iPad + Safari settings such as private browsing etc.

As a QA person, I am fully aware that my next step would have been to compare the settings of our functional iPads to theirs which end up with the verification issue. That being said, all the equipment had to be packed up and sent on the road before I could complete my testing.

So, if anyone has specific experience related to this sort of issue (Facebook login verification) I'd really appreciate any tips that you can provide to make sure users are not prompted for excessive security verifications, as it slows down our registration process in an unacceptable manner.

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