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Lets say an AppleID is created with the iCloud email address (misspelled).

Is there any way to correct the iCloud email to Creating a new AppleID would lose old purchases and is not an option.

Is iCloud permanently linked to an AppleID? Is there a way to change the address?

According to this Apple support article, renaming the iCloud/AppleID prefix is possible as long as it is not an or (quoted from link).

However, when I follow the instructions, I only see an option to add a new primary email, I don't see the same screen as in the last illustration in that article.

Apple's screenshot: Screenshot

My screenshot: Screenshot

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Even though the Apple support article referred to doesn't specificaly say this (I'm assuming it's because was only introduced recently and the article was never updated), what goes for and goes for (they're all aliases for the same address).

ie, read: Some Apple IDs, like those ending in, or, can't be changed.

So no, unfortunately you won't be able to change.

iCloud: About your,, and email addresses

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You could also change the email associated with the account. I don't actually use my me account for anything.

I don't think you can make a new iCloud account and link that without a new device. I'm not really sure about how to get a new iCloud account really. I do know that you can't change your iCloud email address; it's stuck as whatever you made it as originally.

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While your Apple ID is in the form of an email address, that email address does not need to be used for anything associated with the Apple ID. Your primary email address, for contact with Apple, does NOT need to be the same as your Apple ID, it can be anything.

In otherwords, you can have an Apple ID that is but use the primary email address of

In fact, my Apple ID is actually an old email address I no longer use, but nothing associated with the Apple ID ever gets sent to this old email address (which would not work anyway). Instead, I changed by primary email to my current email address, which has no impact on the Apple ID.

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You can create a new iCloud account easily on a mac by creating a new user.

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