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In the never-ending quest to track down odd errors on my late 2008 MBP, running 10.6.8, I have recently noticed that I have several .plist files are created anew several times a day. The list varies, and more importantly is not always dependent upon my changing anything.

I cd'd into /Library/Preferences/ and ran ls -ahilt. Turns out that is one of the most recently updated, so I checked it out. Nothing too unusual until I get to the signexceptions key. Underneath are several com.blizzard.NAME entries. Most of these have games (e.g., WOW) listed underneath. I am not now and have never been a gamer, and wouldn't have come anywhere near a site to download any of these. My questions:

a) WTF?
b) is it safe to just trash .alf.plist and rebuild it from within firewall preferences after I log out/back in?


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